Creating a fictional company from scratch is an exciting challenge that lets me tap into my creativity and design skills. I was tasked with developing a brand that would deliver fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. After looking into various meal and food delivery services, it was clear that most logos tend to share a common aesthetic. I wanted my company to stand out—to have that cozy mom-and-pop shop vibe but with a fresh, modern twist. The logo needed to be familiar yet distinct, so I turned to the past for inspiration. Vintage hand-painted signs have this authentic, personal touch that I absolutely adore. There's something about the way each letter is crafted with such care that speaks volumes about the quality and the story behind a brand. So, I decided to channel this into the typography for my logo. By bringing together traditional charm and modern design sensibilities, I aimed to create a logo that would resonate with a wide audience. I imagined incorporating stylized elements like a basket, using clean lines and vibrant colors to give it a contemporary edge while still holding on to that classic feel. This logo isn't just a symbol; it's the start of a narrative. It's about connecting with customers on a deeper level, inviting them into a world where quality, care, and tradition are woven into every delivery. And when it comes time to craft the advertisement poster, this logo will be at the heart of it, setting the tone for a brand that promises a journey of flavor and nostalgia with every box that arrives at the door.

Fresh & Sweet Typography, Illustrator, 2023-2024

Fresh & Sweet Poster, Photoshop, 2024

Fresh & Sweet Van Design, Photoshop, 2024

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